Metandienone is a synthetic androgenic steroid that is taken orally as pill. Various brand names including Dianabol are used widely in the body building community to gain muscle. The compound Methandrostenolone was first created in 1957 by researchers at CIBA laboratories in Switzerland. It was commercially available in the 60s and instantly Dianabol became a hit. It was and still is the most widely used anabolic steroid. You can get it ordered over internet from many websites like

How it works

The Dianabol works towards increasing the muscles, its size as well as the strength through promoting nitrogen retention. The process of protein synthesis works when the nitrogen level is high in the cells which in turn repairs the muscle and create more protein. Thus the protein metabolism is fast and you get more strength and stamina. The whole process can be basically divided into two parts. They are:

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  • Nitrogen is the basic part of the amino acids which are the key component in making protein. Protein is essential building block for muscles and is needed for its growth and repair. So with the increase of intake of protein the body mass also increases. The Dianabol first creates a balance of nitrogen in the body.
  • Along with the maintenance of the positive nitrogen balance, the Dianabol helps the body to preserve more protein to grow and repair muscles. Thus the protein used for giving out wastes are reduced and utilized more in building mass of the muscles.

Uses of Dianabol

The basic use of Dianabol is to increase the mass of the muscle in really short period of time. You can not only gain muscle mass by using this steroid but also can increase the physical strength and stamina of the body. The body builders take this to gain body mass very quickly by increasing the tissues of the muscle and retention of body fluid. Some of the benefits are:

  • Protein synthesis is the one thing that the Dianabol promotes effectively which in-turn help in speeding up the muscle building process. By increasing the strength of the person, one can easily light heavy weights and gain more muscle mass.
  • The Dianabol help retain the nitrogen content which helps increase the anabolic activity.
  • You can get more energy from this steroid as it supports glycogenolysis where glycogen is broken down to glucose. Carbohydrate is the main source of energy and this process help get the energy by breaking down the diet you eat.

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