Anyone who is a businessman is at work just so that he receives a profit from whatever he is involved in and it is only a few people who not just think of earning money but also helping all those who are in need of it and cannot afford the same. It is only a few people who intend to contribute to the betterment of the society as well as receive returns while doing business.

One such businessman is Peter Loftin who is not just an eminent businessman but is also known for the charities and social work that he is a part of. While knowing and feeling the hardships that people go through, he has made a mark on the lives of several in need while letting them live a life that is worth it.  

His impact on the lives of the families of the deceased soldiers

There is hardly anyone who thinks of what would happen to the families of all those associated with people who protect the nation round the clock especially when they have lost their lives while being on duty. Peter Loftin is one of those few who is concerned about the families of the deceased soldiers and ensures that they do not have to face the problem. Their children receive the best education while having a career that is lucrative for their future.

The care for the poor children

This is something that he started off right from the beginning of his career where once being established as an entrepreneur, he started off a fund where poor children received warm clothing in the form of coats and that kept them warm from the chills. Apart from that, the organization also ensured that no children we snatched off their bare necessities and thus letting them live well.

The contributions towards the American National Red Cross

After the 9/11 incident that shook America and the rest of the world, Peter Loftin was concerned about people and their needs when in times of emergencies as such. The Red Cross is one such global organization that comes up with such aid in the form of money, blood and material assistance. Peter Loftin became a part of the National Board of Governors and intended to serve the society in the best possible way. While contributing in a considerable manner, his only intention is to help people in need and just so that no one is devoid of any basic necessities.

The patron for Airborne and Special Operations Museum

While he holds this profound pride of being protected by the military and armed forces, he feels that it is his responsibility to protect their rights in the best possible way. Peter Loftin helped in bringing into being the Airborne and Special Operations Museum where the history and contributions of the military that we involved in airborne missions and tasks. He is a patron for it while being a part of the advisory panel that protects the museum and its aspects in the best possible way for the common people to know about.

While being labeled as a wealthy businessman, Peter Loftin doesn’t stop with making a contribution for the betterment of the society.

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