Komodo Island, a popular tourist destination in tropical country is highly affected by the weather. The activity and tourist attractions availability depend on the condition of the weather on certain time. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the time of your visit to this island. However, most of the activity in this island can be done all the years. But the best time to visit this island is during dry season.

In this article, we will give several activity that you can get by joining Komodo Island tour. Those activities are:

  • Watching Sunset at the seaside: if you seek for great views to help you ease both your body and mind from the hectic life of the city, watching the sunset at the seaside will surely relax yourself. Join a boat tour and watch as the sun sets slowly on the ocean. The scenery that is offered is wonderfully breathtaking. The mix of orange and warm pink from the sky is mirrored on the surface of the ocean with sailboats and scattered islands as its background. The best place to see the sunset is at the marina because there are a lot of boat tours and it gives the contrast of human and nature. Some of the boat look similar to pirate ship, which give you a unique scenery.
  • Trying scuba diving: this is one of the major activity that you can try in Komodo Islands. You may need to prepare yourself before going to Komodo Island to get the certification of scuba. There are many places in Bali where you can get this certification. It may be a bit costly, but it will sure worth all the money because you can see the beauty of the coral reefs and colorful fishes that swimming in the ocean. At the main area of Labuan Bajo, there are a lot dive centers where you can reserve your activity or simply reserve it from online platform. If you are not scuba certified, you can try snorkeling. It will also give you the unforgettable experience of Komodo Islands.
  • Visiting Cunca Waterfall: this waterfall is situated near Labuan Bajo, and is a good choice for non-boat tours and adventure seekers. The location id pretty far from the main city and it can be a good escape from your crazy daily activity. Once you get to the waterfall, you will be greeted with magnificent sceneries of a lush forest in contrast with Komodo Islands’ dry lands. Watching how the water pour into the land will give you a peaceful mind. Despite being located in Labuan Bajo, this activity is considered a great activity in Komodo Islands because Labuan Bajo is a town where you are staying if you are visiting Komodo Islands.

Those are several activities of komodo tours. This island still has a lot of tourist attractions to be visited and enjoyed, but the list above pretty much describe the main agenda that you can do during your vacation in the island of komodo.

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