Galaxy S8 + warns that the use of certain settings may have a negative impact on the duration of battery life. Referring to the settings, you can find a pair of power-saving modes that are available during extended work harder. Both of them will allow you to choose how the phone will save battery, offering controls for brightness, resolution and processor speed. Compared with the method Google «all or nothing” is definitely progress, and by moving the sliders in the right direction, you can add yourself a good few hours of the phone without any deterioration in quality.

For the upcoming champion, Galaxy S9, Samsung is working on a high-powered processor to give the user a powerful device with reigning speed and high battery efficiency. The battery in Galaxy S9 will be Non-removable Li-Po 5000mAh. The phone will run on a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, which would be mostly found in the Industrial market. Another latest powerful Exynos 9810 chipset will be marketed mainly in Korea “the homeland of Samsung” and in few Asian countries. , The brilliant Exynos 9810 is constituted with total 8 cores. Four of them are M2 cores while other four are ARM Cortex A-53 cores.

 Bixby Vision

You may remember a few years ago, Amazon tried to make its own smartphone. It was called the Fire Phone, its pilot function received Firefly name, and although the main achievements were disputes and bickering buyers, the concept is very similar to what is now entrusted to Bixby. But considering that even with all the power behind, Firefly pretty quickly failed, I’m not sure that Bixby Vision achieves a better result. It works well enough – I just do not see it as absolutely necessary, except that the responses to the random questions. Samsung will pack an intelligent AI in its upcoming flagship Galaxy S9 in a higher version, Bixby – 3.0.  Additionally, The new Galaxy S9 has given a codename – Star.

You will be able to activate this feature in Galaxy S8 by using your voice when quickened Bixby, but as long as you have to first open the camera application or select a picture from your own gallery. Left of the screen you’ll see a new icon “eye”, which touch and turn your phone into virtual eyes Bixby, ready to scan all that he sees.

As soon as he “captures” the object, it will offer a choice of scan similar images on Pinterest or Amazon, but translate the text or label identifies and describes the wine as needed. But Samsung is receiving negative feedbacks for this feature in Galaxy S8 and so the company is making deliberate efforts for resolving its faults for the Galaxy S9 smartphone, which is going to be launch in 2018. The expected date for its release is March 2018 but nothing is officially correct presently. Rumors suggest that Samsung will launch its new at its own event instead of MWC.

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