‘Get Car Insurance in Less Than 5 Minutes’ is what they claim to provide their customers. Yes, we are talking about the Bharti AXA car insurance company. Whether it is a brand-new car policy or you want to renew an existing Bharti AXA policy, they claim to complete your request in less than 5 minutes.

About Bharti AXA

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Ltd is operating in India since August 2008. With Bharti AXA’s existence in India for almost a decade, this company is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and AXA business group that offers general insurance policies to both commercial and retail clients.

Bharti AXA currently operates 79 branches around the country and deals in more than 50 products like Car insurance, health insurance, two-wheeler insurance, personal accident insurance, critical illness insurance, travel insurance, home insurance and so on.

Bharti AXA As a Car Insurance Company

The primary use of any car insurance is to provide financial protection to your vehicles against any bodily injury or physical damage, due to traffic collisions. In short, it protects you from any financial liability that may arise in future. Bharti AXA car insurance policy gives you precisely what is required to protect you from an unknown car theft or accidental situation. They give you comprehensive car insurance that gives you the confidence to drive the car yourself.

Attributes of Bharti Axa Car Insurance Plans

It does not matter whether you have recently bought a new car or you already own a car for years. We all love our car and try to protect it just like a family member. The best part of getting a car insurance policy from Bharti AXA is that they, care for your car the way you do. They not only give your car insurance but blend it with a wholesome coverage and affordable premium plan.

Some basic features of Bharti Axa car insurance are:

#1 Cover Financial Losses

#2 3000+ Cashless garages

#3 Discounts on Premiums

#4 24/7 Claim Assistance

Types Of Bharti AXA Car Insurance Plans

Nobody knows what the future is holding on for us, hence, getting a reliable car insurance plan is an excellent venture to be counted. Every annual premium you pay to Bharti AXA car insurance company, they pay you your car repair expenses for a valid claim as per the terms and conditions of the policy. Also, as per your budget and requirements, they have customised few brilliant insurance plans.

Bharti AXA car insurance offers you two different types of car insurance policies:

#1 Third-Party Liability Coverage

If you need a liability coverage plan only for the sake of permanent law, third-party liability coverage plan by Bharti AXA is the best choice for you. This insurance plan just covers third-party property damages and their injuries. It does not include any financial protection for the theft or loss to your car.

As per IFDA guidelines the revised rate 2017-18 for third-party liability coverage plan includes:

# Engine capacity premium rate for cars less than 1,000cc at INR 2,055.

# Engine capacity premium rate for vehicles more than 1,000cc and less than 1,500cc at INR 2863.

# Engine capacity premium rate for cars more than 1,500cc at INR 7890.

#2 Comprehensive Car Insurance

As the name suggests, a comprehensive Bharti AXA car insurance covers all kinds of loss and damage caused to you and your car. Additionally, it also safeguards you from all third-party liabilities. If you are searching to get an insurance plan that protects you from all financial losses caused by accident or theft, a comprehensive Bharti AXA car insurance plan is best suited for you.

The own damage (OD) premium of this insurance plan varies as per the model, age and engine capacity of your car. Also, for a premium as low as Rs. 100, Bharti AXA car insurance gives you coverage on personal accident for a sum assured of Rs. 2 lakh in case of death, loss of limbs, loss of eyesight and all other personal disablement injuries.

Add-On Covers in Bharti AXA Car Insurance

With Bharti AXA car insurance plans, you also get an option to customise them according to your requirements for payment of extra premium cost. To be precise, you can modify your car insurance policy by adding add-on covers to it. Some of the add-on covers offered by Bharti AXA car insurance company are:

# Hydrostatic lock cover

# No claim bonus (NCB) protector

# Zero depreciation cover

# Roadside assistance

# Invoice price cover

# Co-passenger cover

# key replacement

#Medical expenses

# Hospital cash

# Consumable cover

# Ambulance charges

# Engine and gearbox cover

Benefits of Bharti Axa Insurance

Whether it is a life insurance plan or car insurance plan, it is always better to know the benefits you get with any insurance plan you buy. It is said so that you can make your claims at the right time without any hassles.

Here is some benefit you receive with your Bharti AXA car insurance:

#1 Road accident coverage

Although we do not doubt your driving capabilities, everyone on the road may not be as sensible as you are while driving. You will meet many of those people from time to time who do not abide traffic rules. Hence, car insurance that covers all the road accidents can be very beneficial to you. Bharti AXA car insurance plan covers all road accidents and keeps you safe from financial problems.

#2 Natural disaster coverage

Bharti AXA car insurance also takes care of the losses that are beyond your control. It covers situations like floods, cyclones and earthquakes.

#3 Man-made disaster coverage

Any terrorist activity, fire breakout, riot, theft and strike are also covered under the comprehensive car insurance plan by Bharti AXA.

#4 Savings on car insurance premiums

With Bharti AXA car insurance you can lower down your yearly premiums with its unique features like a no-claim bonus (NCB), Ali membership, installation of security devices and choosing the correct insured declared value (IDV).

A comprehensive car insurance plan by Bharti AXA can fulfil all your little requirements. Therefore, if you love your car, just go online, choose to buy or renew car insurance, fill in your details and get your insurance cover today.

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