The scary part of any travel plan for even the most organised person is the last minute packing. There will always be tons of small things to be added to the already packed items and another list of activities even more important that needs to be taken care of before you set out on your dream holiday. What you need to pack for travel depends on the period of the stay and also the holiday location, however, a few pointers remain common to all travel plans. Let’s discuss these and come up with a checklist that will help us to organised the last minute chaos.

Here is a list of a few things that you do not want to forget to pack.

  • Chargers: Ensure that you are carrying your chargers for your mobile phones
  • Power cords: An essential item only required if you plan to carry your laptop along
  • Universal Plug socket: For international travels, this is a very critical item. Different countries have different plug sockets it becomes impossible to charge your phone/laptop this multifunctional device.
  • Reading glasses: This is one item that is mostly forgotten. Please ensure it is a part of your carry-on baggage.
  • Umbrella: It is a good practice to check the weather conditions at the destination and prepare yourself accordingly. However, an umbrella is very vital to ensure that a sudden shower or thunderstorm does not ruin your holiday plans.
  • Sunglasses: These can be picked up anywhere even if you forget them but having your favourite sunglasses would make a difference.
  • Sunscreen: Even if your holiday destination is not a beachside resort, a sunscreen will also come in handy for any outdoor adventures during the day
  • Bathing suit:Always pack one which will come in handy for any surprise beach visits.
  • Belt: Most people decide to skip wearing a belt during travel to avoid hassles at the airport. It makes sense but do not forget to pack it in your checked luggage.
  • First Aid Kit: Always carry a First Aid Kit with all emergency medicines especially if there are children. That should include a few bandages, an antiseptic ointment and a few painkillers. Prescription drugs if used, need to be carried for the period of the stay. Add a few additional days to ensure you have enough till you return.
  • Toiletries’ Kit: Always pack your kit into the checked baggage well before the travel date and ensure that you do not forget your toothbrush and razor, extra blades, shampoos, conditioners and deodorants and perfumes, body lotions etc. The hotels will provide these, but it is advisable to carry your own especially if you have sensitive skin.

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Now speaking of the more critical items that need to be packed or taken care of:

  • Passport and driver’s license, copies of Air tickets and Hotel bookings: All Identity proof documents and the passport become very vital especially during international travels. Keep copies of these with you in case these are stolen or misplaced.
  • Travel Schedule and Itinerary: Outline your travel Itinerary, check your tickets, check for transportation to the airport well in time, weigh your baggage. To be within the allowances for the airline, complete check in early as this is the best was to start a holiday rather than the last minute rush.
  • Accommodation: Check for travel to your hotel and for the public transport system of the place you are visiting, Always call and confirm for hotel reservations before the trip.
  • Dispose any perishable food that is leftover and stop all subscriptions like newspaper etc. till the date you will be back.
  • Pet Lovers, please ensure that you are leaving all the required details with the sitter or the pet care centre, including any medications, pet food etc.
  • As a reminder just make a separate list for your carry-on bag which includes:
    • Travel documents
    • Identity documents
    • Phone chargers
    • Prescription medications
    • Some light snack to munch on in case you are hungry
    • An empty water bottle that can be filled once you pass the security check

Please note this is a very generic travel list and depending on the destination, the mode of travel and if kids and pets are involved this list would be longer. But the mantra to a safe and hassle-free holiday is to plan well in advance and create your checklist, ensuring that you are ticking off these checklist items one by one while packing. Happy Travelling!

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